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One morning, he is the morning exercise, he heard the “thump” sound,air jordan xx8 a heavy hit into the river . Then, he heard a cry for help be confound at, see a few silver floating on the river. He seemed aware of what, to forget about one’s own to jump leap, jumped into the river. The wind whistling, the winter sun to shine in the river, the biting cold water to hit him, but this did not shake his determination to save.
He played the man with the right top, left hand kept stroke. The River continues to flow out toward him,jordan xx8 for sale like gold Python like pestering him. The height of only 165 meters of the people, is a kind of limit of a challenge, but he completely ignored, a well intentioned people lost to rope, always adhere to the riverside, successfully rescued the drowning man. Back home, the family saw his watery appearance be startled at, and he is touch on lightly article said: “out of the water.” His deeds touched countless people,air jordans xx8 a positive energy is like a clear spring, goes to the heart of every person.

Not forget that day, Quanzhou city in Quanzhou City funeral deep Tivoli Park, leaders and many citizens be strangers to each other, come to send off for a deceased. He is not what leadership, it was not a great man, but he, the most beautiful public bus driver is recognized as the “”. Because, air jordan xx8 for sale at the end of his life that at that moment, he tried to put on the brakes, and the lives of the people of a car. Although he die young, but his spirit as a positive energy, the spring breeze, blowing in everyone’s mind.

Because people make oneself an example, even the children have become a part of the chain of positive energy. buy air jordan xx8 in Jiangsu a small school boy accidentally scratched a car, not to the owner, he had left a note. Owners know, deeply moved, not only did not ask him to double compensation, but also to avoid all his compensation. The positive energy delivery boy, struck a chord in our hearts.
Because many people have joined the ranks of the transfer positive energy, therefore, the dying moral fire, and finally the burning……